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So glad to be helpful

Posted on by DS

It is amazing how many billing errors doctors make. That is why I posted about all our billing error problems. I was hoping it would help at least one person. I got my wish.
BTW, we received a refund check from another doctor last week. It seems the insurance company paid them some more nearly six months after it had declared they had paid all they would. It was almost $30. I’ll take it. Put it directly on the one mortgage we have left..

A win!!!

Posted on by DS

In taking advice from Henry (thank you very much, Henry) I went over my children’s annual check-up bills with a fine tooth comb today. Lo and behold I found two BIG errors, not in my favor! Shocking!
One was that the Pediatrician had billed the insurance company for two well child care office visits. Bye, bye $121.05.
Second was the insurance company had billed me the full amount of my son’s well office visit instead of just a $35 copay. Bye, bye $74.74!
So all in all, I saved $195.79 today!!!!
Check your medical bills. It definitely is worth it!