Seems to be my pattern any more

Posted on by DS

So let me think here, what has happened in the last two weeks. We got the money difference back on that extended warranty policy the dealership had tried to bait and switch on us $714.
As I mentioned in my response to Shay, we got nearly $30 in a refund from a doctor bill overpay, because the insurance company paid more on the bill. Why I don’t know, but I’ll take it. At least the doctor was honest about it (let me say here, it was NOT the 3 Stooges office).
We have been doing some minor traveling working on trial runs (see blog listed below) to work the kinks out of our packing before we hit the road in the spring.
I ended up having to replace my five year old phone because of various problems it was having—it was a refurbished one. So now besides having to learn the ins and outs of Windows 10 on my new computer, I have a new phone to learn. Both were on the schedule to be purchased before we retired, just not this soon.
Now the really big news. DS (son not husband) got a promotion and a pay raise! He got back the 10% they cut everyone’s hourly wage plus $.80 per hour. It is still 10% below what the higher rank he is now at, but at least he got a raise!
I posted a blog post today, and have about 6 more wrote up, one a day for a week at least, because I have another one started. So stay tuned.